Car service: 5, Haydamatska str., Drohobych, Ukraine

Change of DRL Lamps (power 500 W) into LED Lamps LPL-1-100 (power 100 W).

Due to the constant rise on the electricity we decided to explore the energy-efficient equipment (lamps) to save electricity (car repairing workshop, area of 900 m2). We stopped in LED lights manufacturer “LEDPROFLINE” Their experts have come to us and after settlement offered us to replace 11 existing DRL type lamps (capacity 500 W) for 8 lams LPL-1-100 (capacity 100 W). In 18 months of operation the project would be fully paid off. Further savings will amount to more than 20,000 UAH. annually at a cost of electricity as today. After replacing the lamp type DRL for LED lighting production “LEDPROFLINE” lighting of the workshop become much better.

Director of car repairing workshop Mykhaylo Halyk (5, Haydamatska str., Drohobych, Lviv region)

Photo before the completion of the project

Photo after the completion of the project

“Konveyer” PSC Lviv, Ukraine.

Replace of existing DRL type Lamps ( with capacity of 700 W and 1000 W) into LED Lamps LPL-1-130 (capacity 130 W).

“Konveyer” PSC board management decided to reduce energy bills. We began to modernize equipment and lighting at the working shop. After analysis of the market of industrial manufacturing companies which produce lamps, our specialists have chosen production of “LEDPROFLINE” LLC, which Lamps due to technical characteristics, energy efficiency, luminous flux and price dominated by absolute majority of  Lamps producers which are present at Ukrainian market.

“LEDPROFLINE” experts suggested us the following solution: to replace existing DRL type (4 lamps with capacity 700 W and 4 lamps with capacity 1000 W) into 8 lamps LPL-1-130 (capacity 130 W) with regulated suspended console for fixing on ceiling.

Previously, electricity consumption was 6,8 kW per hour . After installing of New Lamps – 1,04 kW only. Lighting of the working shop became much better and electricity consumption reduced by over six times. That’s why the payback period is less than two years

Photo before the completion of the project

Photo after the completion of the project

"Romb +" LLC (apartment complex "Parus Life") 7, Horodnycha str., Lviv, Ukraine

Lighting of construction site (60*60 m) by 3 LED Lamps LPL-2-200 (capacity 200 W)

As builders in the work we value the value for money. Guided by this principle, for lighting residential areas of residential areas and construction sites, we chose LED lights produced by "Ledprofline."

We started by lighting the construction site with a size of 60x60 m. Specialists of the company LLC "Ledprofline" proposed to install three LED lamps LPL-2-200 (power of 200 W) to a neighboring house at a height of 46 m. The result of lighting we are satisfied, the need for local crane lighting and additional lighting of the territory has disappeared, which significantly reduced the cost of lighting. And most importantly, a full-fledged second shift has been made.

At the stage of completion of the LC Sail Life, located at the address: Lviv, ul. The governor, 7, will install LED lighting LPL-1-60 in the amount of 18 pcs. And we plan to cover all the subsequent residential areas with LPL luminaires of the production enterprise "Ledprofile".

Photo after the completion of the project