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Light Emitting Diode Street Illuminators

Innovative LED lighting of the new generation

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In our days, nothing can provide better illumination for streets, houses, driveways, inner public corridors of multi-flat residential houses, estate premises, parks and parkways, as well as construction sites than LED illuminators. Similar type of street lighting can help to considerably save on the amount of electricity that is being consumed.

Street LED illuminators in Lviv City

вуличні світлодіодні світильники львів

Since the cutting edge LED technology is being applied to produce the subject lamps, they are often being referred to as LED illuminators. These devices are reliable, durable, and absolutely safe. LED lamps have a range of advantages: they do not contain any harmful substances such as mercury; they also do not heat up and do not emit IR and UV rays.

Our company offers LED illuminators for street illumination at affordable prices. Please note that they are produced with ultra-powerful light emitting diodes made from lightweight and durable aluminium. The casing of our LED devices is characterised by high durability whereas corrosion-protection coating provides reliable protection from rust. You thus receive a lighting device that is best in its kind as compared to similar models available in the market.

As far as design of appearance is concerned, there are LED illuminators of miscellaneous shapes emitting light of sundry colours: green, red, blue, and two shades of white. Availability of various choice options will allow you not only to organise high quality lighting of a certain object but also to approach the subject process in a creative manner and implement a courageous design solution. Besides, different types of LED illuminators may be produced with varying efficiency of luminous flux and power consumption levels.

Buy LED street illuminators in Ukraine

вуличні світильники львів

The subject type of illumination will allow you save on the amount of power consumed through rational distribution of the amount of light required to illuminate a certain area. LED illuminators succeed in providing a degree and quality of space illumination surpassing similar performance of incandescent lamps as well as luminescent and halogen lamps.

Street LED illuminators have a capacity sufficient to ensure proper level of lighting for avenues, squares, streets, as well as highways/motorways with varying traffic intensity. Not only are these street lamps vital to the arrangement of safe and high quality illumination of the city but also are important aesthetic elements of the urban furniture. You will easily find the best option for each separate case.

Buy street LED illuminators now

Price of a street LED lamp depends upon the technical characteristics of the model you select and also upon other particulars. For details, please get in touch with our specialists by dialling the phone number indicated on our website.