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LED illuminators for warehouses

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As a rule, storage and distribution warehouses are situated in spacious enclosed areas. Arrangement of efficient illumination in the interior of sizeable enterprises is a real challenge, and in the present day, the owners very frequently opt for the warehouse LED illuminators. These illuminators help save money since they allow to reduce the consumption of electrical energy by approximately two thirds.

Industrial LED illuminators for warehouses

складські світлодіодні світильники

In terms of its operational life, LED illumination equipment surpasses plenty of similar hardware. LED illuminators may be applied not only to set up lighting configurations in the interior but also to arrange illumination on the outside of warehouse premises. One should keep in mind that adequate illumination is a factor influencing the integrity of goods stored, the quality of labour, and the general performance of the enterprise employees.

One important advantage of LED illuminators is the fact that they can be used even in the conditions of temperature fluctuations. This variety of lighting can function properly within a temperature range of -25°C to +25°C. LED lamps are characterised by up to date design characteristics and are stylish in appearance; they will perfectly fit into the interior, be it enclosed industrial spaces or the premises of a shopping centre.

Advantages of warehouse illuminators

LED lamps are increasingly popular of late as a result of the fact that they have the following characteristics:

  • long service life (up to 6 years of operation);
  • unsophisticated assembling procedures;
  • durability when exposed to foreign factors and corrosion;
  • high moisture resistance;
  • safe operation;
  • protection from tiny contamination particles and dust.

Selecting warehouse LED illuminators is a true challenge since prior to a purchase, you are going to need to estimate the required number of devices you are going to need to illuminate a certain area. In order not to come to an erroneous decision, you are going to have special knowledge of the subject.

Types of of warehouse LED illuminators:

Luminous fluxes differ in terms of their purposes and directionality and hence also thereсвітлодіодні світильники для складів 

exist LED illuminators of several different types. Every piece of hardware is placed into a reliable and durable casing produced from plastic and aluminium. This casing ensures the device operation regardless of the weather conditions.

Overhead warehouse illuminators may differ in terms of construction design and may dissipate light under various angles. We differentiate between hardware in terms of the manner of its installation: devices may be firmly fixed in a single position, or they may be easily adjustable so that the angle of light shedding may be altered. If you want to select the best option, our company specialists will be happy to assist you.

Buy industrial warehouse illuminators now

In our days, you need not go to a specialised store to purchase illumination hardware; you can compose an order online, right on our website. The catalogue presents LED illuminators of varying wattage. If you come to be in need of any additional info, please feel free to get in touch with our sales department..