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Industrial LED illuminators

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Since the requirements pertaining to the degree of lighting in industrial and commercial facilities are very high, the degree of electrical power consumed required substantial monetary investments. In order to reduce the expenditures and ensure high quality lighting at the same time, you can purchase industrial LED illuminators.

Industrial LED lighting systems will help you illuminate spacious halls and reduce power consumption by more than 50%. LED hardware can remain operational for up to 10 years and thus initial investment in it pays off in full.

Advantages of industrial LED illuminators:

We offer innovative lighting hardware that will bring you the following advantages:

промислові світлодіодні світильники львівThe use of innovative lighting technology, which we offer, will guarantee you the following advantages:

    • saving on electric bills (LED lamps consume roughly 10 times less energy as compared to incandescent lamps);
    • LED hardware may be assembled in various parts of the enterprise (halls, accommodation cabins/units, industrial workshops);
    • LED hardware may be installed in dusty and humid spaces;
    • long operational life (industrial LED illuminators may be used for up to 5 years as compared to regular lamps that usually last for not more than a month);
    • he lamp distributes its luminous flux according to the height of the ceiling and consumes a modest amount of electrical power.

промислові світильники львів

Industrial LED lamps create a friendly environment for the employees working in the enterprise premises and boost their labour productivity. In addition to the above, the problem of defunct lamps in need of regular replacement simply does not exist if you use this kind of hardware.

Depending upon the height of the ceilings in the enterprise and the particulars of any specific enclosed space, you may either opt for a linear industrial lighting system or a dome arrangement. In the recent times, the LED lighting systems started pushing mercury, metalohalogen, and luminescent lamps out of the market as these competing options create plenty of problems such as excessive noise, utilisation, and the need for regular replacement.

Buy industrial LED lamps now:

We offer you the opportunity to arrange a safe lighting system of top quality in your industrial premises with minimal expenditures. Our company offers industrial LED illuminators complying with international norms and standards at affordable prices. Our product offering includes industrial LED hardware varying in terms of power capacity and types. The price will depend upon the maintenance characteristics of a selected model.